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Zak Chabira

Zak Chabira

Beginning his training in in Martial Arts and Combat Sports at the age 7, Zak is passionate about all competitive combat sports, especially boxing.

Zak has been competing for over a decade and has accomplished great things, he started competing in boxing at an amateur level in 2017 and gained Elite Amateur status meaning he was competing at a higher level than other amateur boxers but Zak doesn’t stop there! He represented GB in Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and has further accolades including the 2015 Open European K1 Gold Medallist, 2017 K1 Southern Area Champion, Zak is currently ranked #5 in the UK Muay Thai Bantamweight Division and holds the Roar Combat 61kg European Title.

Zak has been training clients for 7 years and can cater to his clients need whether that be just to improve overall fitness or prepare for a fight, Zak can tailor a programme to suit your goals and needs, including nutrition advice and plans

From technique, to footwork pad work to combos Zak can help you develop into your best self.


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