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5 Top Benefits of Personal Training


Sometimes workout routines just need something a little… extra.

Have you noticed yourself falling into a pattern? Not feeling the ‘spark’ at the gym anymore? Don’t let your passion for fitness fade away. It’s time to start working with a professional BSBC personal trainer.

That’s right, we don’t only offer premium boxing classes; we’re here for personal training needs too. Wondering what our personal training classes could do for you? Keep reading to find out the top 5 benefits of BSBC personal training.

We’ll see you in the ring.

1. Tailored Training Programmes

Personal, professional, and unique.

Working with a personal trainer ensures you follow a professional workout schedule dedicated to your success. When you’re in charge of your own fitness, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. But, with professional guidance and bespoke plans, you’re set up for success and held accountable to your work. Here at BSBC, our trainers work with you to develop a training plan that’s focused on your goals.

2. Faster Results & More Motivation

A better you, in less time.

Did you know that working with a personal trainer often yields faster results? While many talented athletes see results in solo training, a personal trainer gives you that extra motivation to hit your targets.

3. Flexible Sessions

Flexible for whatever life throws at you.

Personal trainers are here to hold you accountable. But that doesn’t mean you’re confined to a rigid schedule. Our trainers offer flexible sessions to complement your life. You don’t have to work out like a marine, unless you want to.

4. Additional Nutrition Plans

It’s not ALL about your workouts.

Getting active in the ring is an important step to improving your physique and technique, but it’s not the only one. BSBC personal trainers can also guide you to success through your diet with expert nutrition plans.

5. Professional In-Person Advice

Real-life solutions, every time.

Fitness is more accessible than ever, and we love it. However, there’s only SO far a YouTube video can take you. What you need is in-person advice moulded to your body’s needs. And honestly, what’s better than that?

Ready To Meet Your Match?

Next time you step into the ring, will it be alone? Or with one of our professional trainers?

Don’t leave training up to fate. Start working with an expert today.

BSBC personal training sessions start at £60 per session, or clients can choose blocks of 10 sessions for £550. All of our trainers offer FREE consultations before you start, perfect for mapping out your goals.

Interested? We thought so. Get to know our team of hard-working trainers here.

Prefer classes? We’ve got your back. Get stuck in with friends. See our full class list here.


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