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Beyond The Gloves: Embracing your full fitness journey and Community at Bil Sha Boxing Club in 2024


As we stride into the new year, it’s not just about resolutions, it’s about embracing a new approach to fitness that goes beyond the traditional workouts. How can improve all areas of life through working out, or taking up boxing! At Bil Sha Boxing Club, we believe that boxing is a journey for not just your body but what it does for your mental and social health.

In addition to the physical, what else can Boxing Improve?

  • Mental stimulus and Focus: Discover how the discipline and concentration in boxing can sharpen your mental focus, it’s not just about throwing punches, it’s a mental chess match, where strategy and focus play a key role. Even on the pads and bags you have to be thinking. Concentration and endurance is shown to increase energy and focus throughout the day. Like a strong coffee, the buzz stays with you for a whole day!
  • Stress Release through Boxing: We’ve all been there, stress, anger, frustrations, we don’t want to keep that in! Within boxing you are allowed, to punch! Punch the bags, hit the pads, something you don’t feel like you need until it becomes a part of your routine! The movements, dynamic, rhythmic everything comes through the body and is controlled and purposeful, just like Sam’s singing!

The Power of Community

– Motivation and accountability: A sense of community provides a built-in support system that keeps individuals motivated and accountable. Knowing that others are on a similar journey creates a shared commitment to showing up, working hard, and pushing through challenges. Our coaches will always remember your progress, and we track and keep you on the right road. Think about your progress in Jack’s Learn 2 Box classes, where you started to where you are now.

– Consistency: You are more likely to stick to your fitness goals and routines when you enjoy coming to the gym. Our community provides a social benefit and connecting that your average gym go-er doesn’t get to experience. Every member supports each other, and familiar faces create a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Friendships!: The gym becomes more than just a place to work out, it becomes a social hub, friendships are created at BSBC and can beyond our workouts, you bond over the extended final circuits in Marc’s Class, or revel in Charlie’s dancing.


Being part of a community, more importantly the BSBC community can be a powerful antidote to the January blues, we thank our members for constantly providing a supportive environment to each other that goes beyond the physical aspects of exercise. As the new year begins, many people take on the challenge based on fitness resolutions – What keeps them there? Enjoyment and Support. We always aim to provide both in abundance, and we hope that shows in class and around the gym.

The positive energy within the gym releases endorphins during exercise, which contributes to positive metal well-being. As we all feel the energy and continually support each other, the gym becomes a place not just for physical transformation, but also for support in general life, making us stronger together against the battle of the blues!


We are a boxing focused gym, dedicated to improving your performance.
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