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A Knockout Year: Celebrating the Successes of Bil Sha Boxing Club

As we wrap up an incredible year at Bil Sha Boxing Club, it’s time to reflect on the triumphs, growth, and community that have defined our journey. From the first bell to the final round, our members and staff have shown unparalleled dedication, resilience, and passion for the sport of boxing. Let’s take a ringside seat and recap the highlights of this truly knockout year.

Champion Mentality

One of the defining features of this year has been the emergence of true champions within our club. Our members have not only honed their boxing skills but have embraced the champion mindset both inside and outside the ring. Whether it’s pushing through challenging workouts, supporting fellow boxers, or demonstrating sportsmanship in victories and defeats, each member has exemplified the spirit of a true champion.

I think we are very lucky with our members; you have all created this environment that we love to be in. To name a few and their achievements; Julian not throwing a punch in 2023 to stepping in the ring and winning his fight! To Hannah, achieving and surpassing her press up goals and pull up goals. To Dan showing resilience by overcoming injury and flying in classes. Not to mention our lunchtime warriors, consistently putting in the work, Lacey breezing through workouts with ease and pushing into Muay Thai sessions. David for being totally dedicated and getting into wicked shape for his wedding. The whole Mclemore family for all their time spent with us, every day, from 6:30AMs, to August and Esme growing up with the club, and Ambrose bringing absolute joy to our younger sessions.

Victories in the Ring

Our boxers have stepped into the ring with determination and skill, achieving numerous victories and earning the respect of their opponents, Charlie, Julian, and Tony, representing our club, making us very proud. Our fighters have showcased the training, discipline, and heart that make Bil Sha Boxing Club a force to be reckoned with in the boxing community.

Adding to that BSBC is an England Affiliated boxing club, we now have a team of Amateur fighters that are in training ready to test their skills across the country against other Boxing Clubs. This development pathway will allow our fighters to potentially represent their country on national and international competitions.

Community Outreach and Entertainment

Beyond the four corners of the ring, Bil Sha Boxing Club has actively engaged with the community, fostering a sense of unity and support. We as a club attended the NHS community health event, where the Mayor of Camden joined us for some pad work. While we also attended the Camden Square community festival engaging young people with pad work throughout the day. We are not just a club; we are a family that extends its reach beyond the gym walls.


Building the culture, we aspire to have at BSBC requires individuals who embody that and commit to that every day, our exceptional team of coaches play a pivotal role in this. Their dedicated to spending time in the gym and upholding our values set our standards going forward. The high-quality coaching they providing forms the bedrock for our progress, offering our members the chance to enhance their combat skills and beyond. We thank Coaches Marc, Sam, Jack, Charlie and Andrei for all their hard work.

As the final bell rings on this remarkable year, Bil Sha Boxing Club can proudly stand in the centre of the ring, hand raised in victory. The dedication of our members, the achievements in the ring, and the positive impact on our community have made this year truly special. Thank you to everyone and all of you, you joined as gym members, but become friends over the year, we are very excited about being a part of your day to days for years to come! As we look ahead to the next round, let’s carry the momentum, spirit, and community that define Bil Sha Boxing Club. Here’s to another year of victories, growth, and knockout success!


Costa Azzopardi
Club Manager & Head Coach


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