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Aron Vasile’s Triumph: A Calm and Confident Debut in Amateur Boxing

If you would like the definition of Confident, you should have been in the warmup area with Aron Vasile, the 13-Year-old in his first Amateur Boxing fight. With all the confidence and swagger of an experienced world champion. Aron going through his pre-fight warm up with Coaches Bil and Costa, his demeanour spoke volumes, he was here to win, and he believed it wholeheartedly. Aron reiterates to himself and his Coaches during, that he’s going to be a champion. While he says it, you believe it also!

It was a breakthrough moment for both fighters and coaches, with Bil Sha Boxing Club making their debut in the amateur scene, Coaches Bil and Costa, watched with pride and slight nervousness, as Aron’s name got called over the speakers and we got ready for the bout! Aron Vasile is one of Bil Sha Boxing Club’s academy boys and the first to represent the club. Aron has dedicated the last few years to the sport and was more than ready for his first fight. As he bounced around the ring you could see that he was at home in the square circle.

As the bell for the first round went both fighters took their time, exchanged a few shots, but as the round went on, Aron started to take control and relaxed into it, his movements were slick, and fluid and he darted in and out of his opponent’s range. He was comfortable. In the corner the instructions were to him to increase his work rate and his punch output, Aron did just that, dancing around the ring and landed some good shots on his opponent. His opponent, however, did not waiver and continued to walk forward in a strong and stable stance. Aron throughout the fight remained calm and composed, he was focused at all times, his first fight the epitome of the chess match we like to compare a boxing fight to!

For Aron, this was just the beginning, a small yet significant step on his journey towards success in the world of Amateur Boxing. This was his chance to showcase the talent and dedication that had been cultivated during his time in boxing. He should be very proud of his first fight as are Bil Sha Boxing Club with his representation of the club.

BSBC have a talented crop of academy fighters looking to represent the club in the upcoming season, we have, Raahil, Rizwan, Robert, Celino, and of course Aron, all have their Amateur cards and looking to make an impact on the amateur scene.

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