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Rundown Of Our First 2 Weeks At BSBC


We’re over the hump!

Yup, that’s right, we’re now open and ready to go.

Though our initial Open Day didn’t quite work out, our Open Day 2.0 was a huge success – thanks to YOU!

We just want to thank everyone that popped in to say hi and signed up for membership. It was amazing to finally meet everyone in person, and we hope you’ve been back for a session since. 

So, how have our first two weeks as a club been? AMAZING, of course!

Let’s dive into our updates!

The First 2 Weeks At BSBC

Since our opening, we’ve jumped into all-things boxing. There’s no time to waste, especially when a premium, street-level gym is here!

Learn 2 Box

New to boxing? We’re here to help.

Since opening, our Learn 2 Box class has kicked off with a bang. We all start somewhere, and this beginner class is designed to take you effortlessly from the start to the ring.

Our expert trainers have been working with all ages and skill levels, teaching the fundamentals of boxing. We’ve enjoyed seeing these classes kick off on a positive note. Our aim at BSBC is to spread the good word about the sport!

Start your boxing education here.

Personal Training

Don’t fancy a class? We’ve got options for you…

Alongside our new classes, we’ve also started our high-energy personal training sessions. We’re so pleased to see local boxers taking advantage of these sessions, and the team has had a fab time meeting on a one-to-one basis.

Could personal training be for you? Get personal with the BSBC team here.


Youth & Junior Classes

It’s not just the adults that have embraced BSBC in its first week… We’ve had the absolute pleasure of teaching little ones too!

Our youth classes are a crucial element of our club. We’re here for all demographics, and excellent technique starts when young! Our youth classes take boxers from age 6 to 11.

Too old for the youth group? We offer Junior classes too! Budding boxers from age 12-17 can sign up for a chance to train with experts at the gym.

It’s been great to get out there and teach the next generation. Who knows? We could have a future champion amongst the crew.

Jump to Junior classes here or Youth classes here.

What’s Coming Up?

We’ve hit the ground running and have no plans to stop.

From Sunday the 2nd of October, our in-demand Ladies Only boxing class will commence. We’ve had such demand for this class, and we can’t wait to step into the ring with all those signed up. Sounds good? Find out more here.

But that’s not all!

We have 9 unique classes, plus personal training, so there’s never a quiet moment at the gym. We’ve already learned so much during our first week, and we can’t wait to keep this pace going.

Have you popped in to say hello yet? Don’t be shy!

We’re open every single day of the week to ensure you never miss a workout.

Get in touch here.


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