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Preparing for Victory: Inside Bil Sha Boxing Gym’s Fight Camp

The journey to victory starts long before the fighter’s step into the ring, the date set; October 21st. The venue; Tabernacle, Notting Hill, a momentous occasion in the history of Bil Sha Boxing Club


At Bil Sha Boxing Club, it all begins with an intense and meticulously planned training camp. Weeks of tough physical conditioning sessions, technical drills, strategic sparring sessions and road work are the foundation upon which success is being built.


Classes at Bil Sha Boxing Club are focused with fighters in mind, our coaches have designed the sessions to with the key elements of boxing in mind. During every session there are elements of technical, stamina, endurance, strength work, the gym leaves no stone unturned ensuring all our fighters are in peak physical form to enter the ring.


The art of boxing is far more than just throwing punches, it’s about precision, timing and the ability to adapt to your opponent’s style. Our Learn 2 Box classes, taught by Coaches Sam and Jack prepare you for those moments in the ring that your body reacts instinctively. Learn 2 box helps fighters refine their technique and build muscle memory prior to stepping in the ring.


Once confident with our boxing ability, we have our Advanced Boxing and Fight class, taught by Coaches Aaron and Jack. These classes are controlled sparring sessions where fighters test their skills against one another and receive real time feedback from coaches. Getting instant feedback is massively beneficial in any walks of life, especially combat sports, to reflect, adjust and adapt we can really refine the small details of our technique.


Let’s take a closer look at those representing Bil Sha Boxing Club:


Bil Sha –

Coming out of retirement for one last dance inside the square circle. With an illustrious career in the boxing ring, Bil has won numerous titles and is a vastly experienced fighter that packs a powerful punch. Determined to go out with one last bang, Bil has been working hard in the gym and focused.


Costa Azzopardi –

A new entity in the boxing ring, Costa is a fighter with a promising future, he is gearing up for a potential pivotal fight. A tough opponent coming up will be a good yard stick to see the levels we are looking for. Costa has worked tirelessly throughout camp on his technique and stamina. Combining sparring, technical work, strength and conditioning.


Julian Scarry –

A dedicated professional preparing for his first bout, Julian has been very focused in training and putting in more work than anyone in the gym. From not even laced a pair of gloves a year ago, to stepping in the ring for a tough fight his unwavering focus in the gym is going to make him a formidable opponent.


Charlie Wigmore –

Charlie’s development has been a sharp rise since the start of training. His confidence has increased tenfold, he constantly puts himself into the thick of training and continues to work hard. Determined to give it all while in the ring, we are very excited to see the final product.


The Road Ahead

With their upcoming boxing fights on the horizon, the fighters at BSBC are more focused and determined than ever. Under the guidance of the experienced Coaches at the gym, they are sharpening their skills and strategies and ready to step into the ring and give their all. There is a buzz throughout the gym, and everyone is excited for what is going to take place. Not just from fighters but from members within the gym.


Want to get in on the action before fight night?

Join us at Bil Sha Boxing Club on Friday 20th October at 7:30pm for our Public Workout where you can see the Bil Sha Boxing Club Fighters plus many more in their final preparation for Undisputed’ s Unleashed in London.


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