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5 Surprising Benefits of Children’s Boxing

How old were you when you first put on your boxing gloves? Most boxers start the sport later in life and wish they’d got involved earlier. But boxing while young isn’t just about honing your technique sooner! There are plenty of surprising benefits of boxing for children under 12.

To celebrate our Youth Classes (6 to 11 years), we’re exploring why boxing can be a great addition to kids’ lives and what science-backed benefits they can expect. Scroll down to get the lowdown now.

Why Should Children Start Boxing At An Early Age?

Studies show that participation in extracurricular sports in young children has a positive effect on their behaviour, health, and education. From better grades and conduct at school to improved social relationships and a better understanding of health, a sports club can have an excellent ripple effect across their whole life.

So, joining a sports club (like BSBC) will positively influence your little ones. But are there any boxing-specific benefits?

Yes! Boxing has specific advantages over other disciplines. We’ll discuss these advantages further below.

5 Benefits of Boxing For Children

Curious whether boxing is the right choice for your child? See the boxing-specific benefits for young children below.

1. Healthy Life Habits

Boxing gyms are friendly places frequented by health-conscious individuals. In addition to boxing techniques, classes teach the benefits of physical activity and touch on nutrition and other healthy lifestyle changes.

The earlier children are introduced to these concepts, the more likely they will carry them throughout their lives.

2. Confidence

Boxing isn’t just a physical sport; it’s a mental one, too. Part of stepping into the ring involves building your self-esteem and confidence — a skill they’ll need as they grow up and navigate modern life.

3. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline might seem like a serious topic for little ones to learn about, but it comes naturally with boxing. From following drills to taking initiative from expert coaches, boxing is a great way to learn self-discipline.

4. Teamwork Skills

Yes, boxing is an individual sport. But boxing classes for children aren’t a solo mission. Kids get to train in groups and form life-long friendships with their fellow boxers.

5. Physical Fitness

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits is that boxing improves children’s physical fitness and develops their endurance, cardiovascular health, and agility.

Bonus Tip – Stress Management

Stress comes in all shapes and forms and for different reasons. Physical activity is a great way to manage stress, so teach your children the art of de-stressing with a pair of boxing gloves.

Secure Your Child’s Spot Today

Recent studies have shown that only 47% of UK children are taking part in physical activity for over 60 minutes per day. Boxing is a great way to change that.

The Bil Sha Boxing Club provides Youth Classes for 6 to 11-year-olds, which are run by professional trainers. With social workouts that strive to teach young ones the ropes in a friendly atmosphere, it’s hard not to have fun while getting active here.

All BSBC trainers are DBS-checked and have completed industry-standard safeguarding courses. Parents are also welcome to attend lessons.

Have older children? Check out our 12 to 17 Junior classes.

Learn more about our classes here or contact the BSBC team now.


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