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March exercise top tips

March exercise top tips

Can you believe it? We’re finishing the first quarter of the year already! How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Move more, eat healthier? Remember them? Me too! It’s easy to lose momentum as the year progresses, life gets busy, motivation dwindles, the cold weather distracts, but now is a better chance than any to get back on track!

Exercise top tips

  • Train with a Friend
    • Anything with friends is more fun!
  • Re-Write down your goals
    • They may have changed, they may still be the same, whichever the circumstance, writing down your goals again will re-affirm your dedication towards them and increase motivation
  • Schedule your training
    • Like you schedule days out or dinners out, if we schedule our training within our diaries, we are more likely to stick to it.
  • Keep it Simple!
    • We do not have to reinvent the wheel to see results, stay consistent and results will come


Classes are a fantastic way of re-aligning yourself with your goals, it’s a chance to get back into training without putting the pressure of going to the gym yourself. Classes are fun and engaging, socially they are also fantastic. What better way of starting to train again than attending a class full of a community of people that are all trying to improve themselves.

We have a large range of classes on offer, ones to improve your fitness, ones to improve your technique, and also brand-new classes including Power Box! Based around building power during sessions. We have also introduced Muay Thai: The Art of 8 Limbs, a mix of martial arts techniques providing a full body workout that leaves you empowered and energized!

Personal Training

Need more work on your footwork? Struggling to get enough power in your Right Hook? Have you ever thought about using one of our coaches in a Personal Training session?

All of our coaches can be booked for a session! Work closely to build a development plan that caters towards your training. Learn how to build effective sessions and implement strategies to reach your goals. Stay accountable and work with an experienced coach!

Remember, just because you’ve missed one or two days of training, try not to make that the whole week – We all have that thought, ‘I’ve missed one day, I’ll start again next week’, sometimes life happens we miss sessions, Lace those gloves up again, and start punching!!


We are a boxing focused gym, dedicated to improving your performance.
Join Bil Sha Boxing Club today and see for yourself how training in a friendly, high energy atmosphere will ensure you achieve all of your fitness goals.

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