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The Amateur Boxing Roundup: Recent Fights & Upcoming Stars

The Amateur Boxing Roundup: Recent Fights & Upcoming Stars

It’s been an exciting few months at our Kings Cross Boxing Club. From amateur boxing wins to tough fights, our academy boxers have stepped into the ring and shown their skills. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on two of our talented fighters and their recent performances.

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Boxing Gym London Success – Two Fighters To Watch

Meet Aron Vasile and Abdulrahman, our two focus fighters for this month. Words by BSBC’s own Saadiyah and Costa.


Aron Vasile is the epitome of cool. His outstanding confidence shines and brings out the best in those around him. For his bout, Aron matched up with another fighter eager to show his talents at his home show.

Did that phase him? Absolutely not.

During the fight, Aron took the first round to gauge his opponent. Being tactful and fighting on the counter to feel out the opponent, Aron boxed extremely composed without an ounce of nerves in his body.

We have to credit Aron’s opponent, who came out the next few rounds with much energy and enthusiasm and put Aron under pressure. But Aron matched the energy and gave it his all back. It was a wonderful fight to watch, with the young stars putting on a thrilling performance.

Aron stayed cool and caught his opponent with a straight right hand as he came rushing in, which led to the ref giving a standing count and contributed to a fantastic win on the road for Aron Vasile’s journey.

We are very excited about the future of Aron Vasile, a name to watch in the upcoming amateur ranks. Aron possesses all the tools to go very far within this sport. Nothing phases the young man. The new season will be a tool stick to see how far we can go with Aron. We believe he is one of the top prospects currently in amateur boxing.


Abdulrahman, the boy who doesn’t stop smiling outside the ring, goes out of his way to say “hello” to everyone at the gym. When the bell rings, however, the switch flips, and his full focus is on the fight.

For such a young fighter, Abdulrahman is dedicated to the sport far beyond his years. During training, he is competitive and ferocious and gives it his all every session. You can see the love this young boxer has for the sport by seeing the time he puts into it.

Abdulrahman had a tough fight in the London Schools Finals, and it was the first time he had really fought to this level. Did it look like his first time? Not at all. Abdulrahman was as composed as a world champion, and the ring seemed his natural habitat.

We, as a club and coaches, thank the opponent for putting in a tough fight and having a future in the sport himself. The day was Abulrahman’s day to shine. He is now the London Schools Champion at his weight and is back in the gym with an eye on the Nationals.

There is no ceiling to this young man. We are very proud of his performance, and we are over the moon that we are his boxing home — Bil Sha Boxing Club, the leader of boxing in Camden, and Kings Cross.

We created BSBC for this exact reason: to be the home of boxing for people looking to be a part of something extraordinary.

Everything About Boxing in London

Curious about kicking off your own boxing journey? Here are a few FAQs we get about amateur boxing and boxing in London.

Do Amateur Boxers Get Paid?

Amateur boxers don’t get paid for competing, so typically don’t box for a living. Most amateur boxers pay their own trainer and gym fees, but are more dedicated to the sport than hobby boxers.

Can You Find Sparring in London?

There are plenty of sparring classes in London, including our own Advanced Boxing Fight Class. This focuses on helping you transition from training to sparring sessions.

Can You Start Boxing in Camden?

Whether you’re looking for a Camden gym or boxing classes in London, we’re here to help. As a North London and Camden-based boxing gym, the Bil Sha Boxing Club provides classes, equipment, and training for all experiences.

Amateur Boxing – The Outlook

Think you’ve got what it takes to dominate the ring? Join us via our Academy boxing program. Affiliated with England Boxing, our Academy is a long-term boxing project that helps young fighters nurture their skills with expert trainers.

Learn more about the BSBC Academy here. Or begin your journey with our classes instead.


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