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Ladies-Only Sparring Session 30th May – Empowering Women in London Through Boxing

On the 30th of May 2024, the Bil Sha Boxing Club hosted a dynamic ladies-only sparring session led by the talented Coach Sam.

Designed to elevate participants’ skills and provide a supportive environment for all newcomers, our sparring sessions for women offer the perfect opportunity to learn something new while positively impacting your health.

Here’s everything that went down in the session and upcoming events for London ladies who are ready to try something new.

The Ladies-Only Sparring Session On May 30th

So, what happened on May 30th?

Coach Sam’s ladies-only sparring session has space for six female participants to ensure a safe environment and a personalised coaching experience. The session was also open to newcomers to sparring — no need to be a pro to take part here!

Safety is always a priority at the BSBC. We provided head guards, gumshields, and 16oz gloves so our ladies could box with power and without the risk of unsafe practices.

Overall, the ladies-only sparring session is an excellent chance to practise the skills and techniques you learn in our boxing classes for women.

Our six members who took part gave us incredibly positive feedback, stating they had fun while also getting real experience of what it’s like to take a few hits. Exhilarating, to say the least!

A Little About Coach Sam

Coach Sam is the expert leading the ladies sparring sessions. With boxing training, martial arts level 3 PT qualifications, and extreme passion for the sport, she’s the perfect pick to teach London-based women the tricks of the trade.

Sam’s impressive track record includes over 15 years of coaching experience, five victorious fights, and the prestigious title of Level 1 England Boxing Coach. In addition to ladies-only sparring classes, Sam offers personal training at the BSBC, ensuring a comprehensive and top-notch training experience.

Read more about Coach Sam Mason here.


Upcoming Ladies Sparring Sessions

Interested in putting your skills to the test? Whether you have experience or have just Googled ‘What is boxing?’ we’re ready to help.

BSBC will be running another ladies sparring session in June. So, if you’re feeling restless and want to experience something new, it’s time to save the date.

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Boxing Classes For Women in London

Searching for ‘ladies boxing classes near me’ is the first step to greatness, signing-up to a BSBC women’s only class is the second!

Our team of experienced coaches run Ladies Only Boxing classes on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. We also provide Ladies Only Self-Defence classes on Saturdays at 10 am.

Want to get started in a mixed-gender environment? We’ve got that covered, too. Join our mixed sparring sessions — Advanced Boxing on Tuesdays at 8 pm or Fight Classes on Thursdays at 8 pm.

As a boxing gym in London, we try to stay ahead of the trends. We’re also always open to feedback. If there’s a particular class you want to see, contact us today.

Boxing For Ladies – The Takeaway

We believe the London boxing scene should be inclusive and confidence-boosting while also taking your skills and fitness to the next level — and our ladies-only sparring sessions are the best place to start.

Will you join us in the ring? See upcoming classes and sparring sessions in London here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a personal query.  Contact us here.


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