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Ultimate Benefits Of Boxing For Kids

Do you remember your first time in the ring?

Boxing lessons for kids aren’t always on offer. But, we’re on a mission to change that. Forget half-hearted boxing classes. Our children and teens classes are here to benefit your little ones in all areas and to provide life-long fitness memories.

Intrigued? We thought so. We’ve rounded up the top benefits of boxing to ensure you know what’s on offer! Keep on reading to discover the top benefits boxing lessons offer kids and teens.

Top Proven Benefits Boxing Provides Kids

Here are some of our favourite benefits of boxing lessons for kids and teens…

Fun Fitness

Fitness is fun, and it’s important that young ones understand this too! Often, younger children miss out on great fitness opportunities because it’s not designed as a fun event.

However, we’re here to change that. Our kid’s and teen’s boxing lessons are designed by expert trainers to ensure they’re as fun as they are healthy. We want to introduce boxing techniques and exercises to the next generation without it feeling repetitive.


Confidence is one of life’s most vital skills. Did you know it can be built in boxing environments? As our young boxers learn new moves and improve their skills, we see their confidence improve inside the ring and out!

Making New Friends

What’s life without friends?

While boxing is at the forefront of our classes, it’s not the only focus! We see our Bil Sha Boxing Club sessions as a meeting place for life-long friends. Social skills are essential to the sport, and we’re here to help your kids grow.

Technical Knowledge Early

Finally, boxing is undeniably about technical knowledge as well as fitness. Learning the ins and outs of the sport early will ALWAYS offer an advantage. So, if your little one has expressed interest in boxing, why don’t you set them up for success?

We work through the must-know techniques and teach our participants the ropes at an appropriate pace. No rushing here!

Curious? Here’s What We Offer

If these benefits sound good to you, we’ve got some great news – the Bil Sha Boxing Club provides expert kids and teen classes run by experienced boxing trainers!

Our options include:

Both options offer innovative workouts that aim to get young ones and teenagers familiar with boxing. From basic sparring to boxing workouts, we tailor our classes to the specific needs of the age group. This means no intense boxing for the tots and no basic workouts for the teens!

Plus, all trainers are DBS checked and have completed required safeguarding courses. Parents are ALWAYS welcome to sit in lessons. Safety and fun is our main concern.

So, if this sounds good to you, let us know!

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